Live Love | Give Dignity

Marginalize. Alienate. Discount. Avoid. And even vilify. Those are just a few verbs that describe how society has treated the homeless population and the poor. Friends on the street are held with little value and respect. Why? I believe personal biases and dominant narratives enlarge assumptions about homelessness. Beliefs influence thoughts and thoughts influence actions.…… Continue reading Live Love | Give Dignity

A New House, Motherhood, and Closing the School Year

Good morning, As my tea steeps, I wanted to share a quick post about life and why blogging has been paused. My goal this weekend is to publish several posts about different ideas that have been steeping. ¬†For the moment, please grant my grace because…. The Gillam Family moved. Boxes, cleaning, unpacking, boxes, cleaning, and…… Continue reading A New House, Motherhood, and Closing the School Year