Core Value Influence Beliefs

Serving others. Demonstrating love. Making a difference. Communicating hope.

Just recently I had the opportunity to share my core values with my coaching colleagues. This moment was eye-opening on my journey to rediscover why I coach. Core values shape my beliefs from which I work as a coach. These values that I hold deeply play a key role in my daily interactions, reflections, and decisions.


So, what are yours? What core values shape your daily interactions, reflections, and decisions?

If you’re not sure what yours might be, there are exhaustive lists on the web and leadership books that name core values. These lists and books are strong resources. You might find this list from Elena Aguliar’s Bright Morning website beneficial. Elena is a respected instructional coach. You might also find online assessments valuable. These tools suggest they can identify your core values and their reasoning. However, I caution you to be careful. These assessments might charge a small fee. Buy a cup of coffee instead and reflect on how you spend your time and energy.

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

My time and energy are invested in building relationships with others. Growing relationships build community. I value community. It is one of my core values. Being in community with others grows connection, collaboration, empathy, and compassion. Serving others, demonstrating love, making a difference, and communicating hope are personal and attend to the human connection of community.

Both professionally and personally, I am intentional about growing community. Coaches need to live within their community of practice as a leader and learner. Healthy communities of practice learn and grow together. As a mother, I lead and learn with my children in hopes they will nurture their own communities of practice.

My book choice every evening is critical and intentional. I purposefully share powerful words with Ethan and Alden so they, in turn, will act justly and walk humbly. I select authors that promote peace and demonstrate love toward others. I select authors that reflect my core values.

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Again, what are your core values? Grab a cup. Reflect, think, and respond.




2 thoughts on “Core Value Influence Beliefs

  1. Coaching is a tough job, and SO important. I love that you included such great books for motivation. It’s all about those relationships being built.


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