Give Good | Why I Coach

A vision statement focuses, empowers, and guides. Companies, churches, and other organizations have vision statements that narrow and focus their work.

Instructional coaches need a personal vision statement that guides their practice. The art of coaching is doing and thinking. It is also a way of being. Coaches hold to a firm set of beliefs that help them carry out a set of actions and lift the level of thinking to support sustainable change.

When I have moments of challenge or when I feel despondent in my practice, I return to my vision statement. Rereading vision statement affirms my purpose and rebalances my mindset. My vision statement solidifies my passion for coaching. My vision statement reflects why I coach.

I coach because I believe in challenging present realities to cultivate new and thriving outcomes. I coach to grow strong positive identities amongst colleagues, leaders, and children. Through words of gratitude, love, and a firm belief in the power of hope, I coach to give good. 

Photo credited to Starbucks “Give Good” Project 2017

If you are a brand new coach, I encourage you to read and study from mentor coaches before you start to draft your vision statement. Watch these mentors in action. Notice their way of being. Take note of their words and reflective questioning. Most importantly, allow these mentors to grow their practice by coaching you.

Whether you are an instructional coach, classroom teacher, grade-level chair, or leader of a team, a vision statement is essential. As I race to the kitchen to fill my coffee cup again, I hope this post inspires you to begin the process of drafting your personal vision statement.

As always, grab a cup.



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