A New House, Motherhood, and Closing the School Year

Good morning,

As my tea steeps, I wanted to share a quick post about life and why blogging has been paused. My goal this weekend is to publish several posts about different ideas that have been steeping.  For the moment, please grant my grace because….

  • The Gillam Family moved.

Boxes, cleaning, unpacking, boxes, cleaning, and unpacking -notice a pattern? Moving has been a slow and steady process, however, I am filled with gratitude. The new house is perfect and I have my own “think tank” to help me grow ideas.

  • Motherhood

The boys have kept me busy. Driving the boys to and from baseball, end of the school year celebrations, and birthday parties have disrupted my time to blog. I am extremely jealous of their social calendar.  Anyone up for a coffee date?

  • Goodbye to the 16-17 School Year

As the school year closes, decisions and ponderings for the approaching school year command attention. Last week, I shared with my building leader my reflections from this school year and new goals that I want to pursue. Reflection is always needed to refine your focus.

So grab another cup. More posts coming this weekend.


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