An Invitation – Kindly RSVP

Invitations have greatly evolved over the years. As a child, I can remember receiving paper invitations for a classmate’s birthday party. The crisp, firm cardstock with manufactured lettering and images was placed inside my bookbag. Those paper invitations were polite and friendly. Now as an adult, I continue to receive warm invitations via my email inbox. Companies such as the Paperless Post allow hosts to create personalized invitations with custom photos, typeface, and messages without the cost of printing or postage.

Designing an invitation can be a simple or exhausting experience. One can select a premade template and easily write the event’s important details. Or one can experience mental fatigue with their over analysis of word choice. The right words can convey the perfect message.

Professional development opportunities are invitational. Workshop hosts share important details about a particular strategy or pedagogical approach. The host may even demonstrate the practice in action or create an experience to allow attendees growth in their understanding. The ultimate goal of a professional learning opportunity is to support the transference of a teaching application within individual classrooms. Therefore, the design of a professional workshop is critical.

In my last post, I shared how I was steeping upon the idea of growing a community of practice among my colleagues through classroom lab site experiences. This different model of professional development invites colleagues to grow in learning within an actual classroom during the school day. The coach utilizes a progression that allows colleagues to watch, try, practice, and grow.

My colleagues at Stony Creek have accepted my invitation to participate in classroom lab site experiences. Two cohorts comprised of six colleagues each – including both administrators are noticing, naming, and extending their understanding of the reader’s workshop. Our community of practice is growing our minilesson repertoire, strengthening our abilities in conferring with readers, and providing responsive instruction within small groups.

Below is an invitation for you to see a lab site experience in action. This small clip was shared amongst my colleagues to see and kindly invite to RSVP for cohort three and even four.

Grab a cup and enjoy!


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