Grab a Cup

gerund or present participle: steeping
1.  soak (food or tea) in water or other liquid so as to extract its flavor or to soften it.
2.  surround or fill with a quality or influence.

Morning greets me.

In routine fashion. It’s 4:45.

The house is silent. Yet, I am wide awake.

The click of the burner knob signals my brain. It’s time for a cup of tea. This morning, I select one of my favorite cups. My school cup. It’s black and gold. The words “mustang pride” are etched in a solid design.

The kettle’s piercing whistle signals the water is ready. The steam is visible and the first pour of the morning saturates my cup. The tea steeps. My thoughts start to extract.

There’s an art in attaining the perfect cup of tea. Different teas take well to different infusing times. Some cups are ready within short, ephemeral moments. Other cups of tea, might steep for longer periods of time.

Steeping tea is similar to growing an idea. An idea needs space and time to grow. An idea can grow fast and extract quickly. Or an idea might steep and cultivate slowly. Either way, remember to sip and enjoy because an idea has nuances, complexities, and characters that surround or fill with a quality or influence.

These are my steeping ideas.

Welcome. Glad you are here.


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