Live Love | Give Dignity

Marginalize. Alienate. Discount. Avoid. And even vilify. Those are just a few verbs that describe how society has treated the homeless population and the poor. Friends on the street are held with little value and respect. Why? I believe personal biases and dominant narratives enlarge assumptions about homelessness. Beliefs influence thoughts and thoughts influence actions.…… Continue reading Live Love | Give Dignity


Give Good | Why I Coach

A vision statement focuses, empowers, and guides. Companies, churches, and other organizations have vision statements that narrow and focus their work. Instructional coaches need a personal vision statement that guides their practice. The art of coaching is doing and thinking. It is also a way of being. Coaches hold to a firm set of beliefs that…… Continue reading Give Good | Why I Coach

A New House, Motherhood, and Closing the School Year

Good morning, As my tea steeps, I wanted to share a quick post about life and why blogging has been paused. My goal this weekend is to publish several posts about different ideas that have been steeping.  For the moment, please grant my grace because…. The Gillam Family moved. Boxes, cleaning, unpacking, boxes, cleaning, and…… Continue reading A New House, Motherhood, and Closing the School Year

An Invitation – Kindly RSVP

Invitations have greatly evolved over the years. As a child, I can remember receiving paper invitations for a classmate’s birthday party. The crisp, firm cardstock with manufactured lettering and images was placed inside my bookbag. Those paper invitations were polite and friendly. Now as an adult, I continue to receive warm invitations via my email…… Continue reading An Invitation – Kindly RSVP